Orthopaedic problems of the ankle and foot

Gross Anatomy

Orthopaedic problems of the ankle and foot

  1. Lecture today - There will be a one hour lecture in Ed3 G219 at 1:00 today. A member of the Orthopaedics faculty will be the presenter. Immediately following this lecture, small groups will meet with members of the Orthopaedics department in the gross lab for purposes of examining the joints of the lower limb. It is strongly suggested that you once again review the parts and function of the joints of the lower limb prior to attending this lab. The outline in the syllabus is provided to help you complete your study of trauma in the lower limb.

  2. Joint dissections - Joint dissections will occurr on even numbered tables today. Only one limb will be dissected on each cadaver to preserve soft tissue structures for the practical exam. Orthopaedics faculty will be present in the lab and will demonstrate at even numbered tables to people from that table and people from the next lower numbered table. Odd numbered table lids can remain closed.

  3. New grade book has been posted - A new grade book has been posted on the wailing wall. It is up-to-date and should give you an accurate picture of your present grade status.
Woodburne & Burkel: 633-655; Review the sections that deal with the appropriate joints of the lower limb.
Grant's Dissector: none
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