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Lecture Schedule and Links to Tables, Gross Anatomy, 2008/2009

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Fall Term Week 10

Back and upper limb

Session GA-1: Orientation to Gross Anatomy; Introduction to the Musculoskeletal System

Session GA-2: Surface anatomy of the back; Skin and superficial fascia

Session GA-3: Posterior axioappendicular muscles, intrinsic back muscles

Session GA-4: Vertebral column, contents of vertebral canal

Session GA-5: Introduction to Radiographic Anatomy

Session GA-6: Surface anatomy of the upper limb, superficial veins and cutaneous nerves

Week 11

Session GA-7: Scapulohumeral muscles

Session GA-8: Breast, anterior axioappendicular muscles

Session GA-9: Axilla

Session GA-10: Arm

Week 12

Session GA-11: Forearm: Compartments, flexor-pronator muscles

Session GA-12: Palm of hand

Session GA-13: Medical imaging of the upper limb

Session GA-14: Clinical correlation - upper limb nerve injuries

Session 15: Extensor muscles of the forearm; arteries, veins and nerves of the forearm

Week 13

Monday, November 3: EXAM - Musculoskeletal system, (Upper limb practical exam)


Session GA-16: Embryology: Development of body cavities, resiratory system

Session GA-17: Thoracic wall

Session GA-18: Pleurae and lungs

Session GA-19: Autonomic nervous system

Session GA-20: Mediastinum, pericardium and exterior of heart

Week 14

Session GA-21: Embryology: Cardiovascular system I (Heart I)

Session GA-22: Interior of heart, innervation of the heart, superior mediastinum

Session GA-23: Embryology: Cardiovascular system II (Heart II)

Session GA-24: Embryology: Cardiovascular system III (great vessels)

Session GA-25: Posterior mediastinum

Week 15

Session GA-26: Medical imaging of the thorax

Session GA-27: Review: Gross Anatomy of the Thorax

Friday, November 21: EXAM - Cardiovascular system (Thorax practical exam)

Week 16 and Week 17 - No gross anatomy

Week 18

Lower Limb

Session GA-28 Overview of the lower limb; anterior thigh muscles; medial thigh muscles;

Session GA-29: Gluteal region

Session GA-30: Posterior thigh muscles, popliteal fossa

Week 19

Session GA-31: Leg: anterior compartment, lateral compartment, posterior compartment

Session GA-32: Sole of foot

Session GA-33: Clinical correlation - lower limb nerve injuries

Session GA-34: Medical imaging of the lower limb

Friday December 19: EXAM - Hematology/Immune System (Lower limb practical exam)


Spring Term Week 1


Session GA-35: Embryology: Gastrointestinal system

Session GA-36: Anterolateral abdominal wall, inguinal region, spermatic cord and testis

Session GA-37: Peritoneum and peritoneal cavity, abdominal viscera

Session GA-38: Esophagus, stomach, spleen, liver, biliary ducts and gallbladder, celiac trunk

Session GA-39: Jejunum and ilium, large intestine, mesenteric arteries

Week 2

Session GA-40: Duodenum, pancreas, hepatic portal vein

Session GA-41: Kidneys, ureters and supraranal glands

Session GA-42: Diaphragm, posterior abdominal wall, lymphatics of the posterior abdominal wall

Session GA-43: Medical imaging of the abdomen

Session GA-44: Review of the abdomen

Week 3

Tuesday, January 29: EXAM - Gastrointestinal system (Abdomen practical exam)

Pelvis and Perineum

Session GA-45: Embryology: Urinary system

Session GA-46: Introduction to the pelvis and perineum, pelvic girdle, features of the anal triangle

Session GA-47: Perineum - male and female; Spermatic cord and testis

Week 4

Session GA-48: Pelvic cavity: Urinary organs, male and female genital organs

Session GA-49: Rectum; Arteries, veins and lymphatics of the pelvis

Session GA-50: Pelvic nerves; Walls and floor of the pelvic cavity

Session GA-51: Medical imaging of the pelvis and perineum

Session GA-52 : Review of pelvis and perineum

Week 5

Monday, February 2: EXAM - Genitourinary system (Pelvis and perineum practical exam)

Session GA-53: Development of the reproductive system

Weeks 6, 7 and 8 - No gross anatomy

Week 9

Head and Neck

Session GA-54: Posterior cervical region; Anterior cervical region

Session GA-55: Anterior cervical region (continued)

Session GA-56: Root of the neck, endocrine layer of the cervical viscera

Session GA-57: Embryology: Head and neck

Session GA-58: Skull; Surface anatomy of the head, face, structure of the scalp

Week 10

Session GA-59: Parotid region

Session GA-60: Temporal region: Temporal fossa, infratemporal fossa

Session GA-61: Cranial meninges and cranial cavity

Session GA-62: Embryology: Development of the eye and ear

Session GA-63: Orbit

Week 11

Session GA-64: Pharynx

Session GA-65: Nose and nasal cavity

Friday, March 20: EXAM -CNS1 (no gross anatomy on this exam)

Week 12 - Spring Break

Week 13

Session GA-66: Palate, pterygopalatine fossa

Session GA-67: Oral region

Session GA-68: Larynx

Session GA-69: Ear

Week 14

Session GA-70: Medical imaging of the head and neck

Session GA-71: Review of the head and neck

Friday, April 10: EXAM - HEAD AND NECK (written and practical)

Week 15


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