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Resources for Gross Anatomy Education

Regionally organized gross anatomy dissections and didactic information
For conveient access, we have listed the didactic material for our gross anatomy laboratory exercises regionally.
Anatomy Tables
Anatomy Tables comprise listings of all major body structures, with the essential information for each structure presented in a tabular format.
Gross Anatomy Atlas Images
Labelled images of gross anatomical specimens.
Neuronatomy Atlas Images
Labelled images of neuroanatomical specimens.
QuickTime VR Movies
Several QTVR movies of anatomical models are presented. The user can rotate and examine the specimens. We will be adding more QTVR movies during the fall of 1997.
Links to related internet sites
Internet sites which offer educationally relevant material for anatomical learning are grouped regionally. Also, relevant radiographic anatomy sites are listed.
Anatomical models available for study in the Marvin Computer Laboratory
The Marvin Computer Laboratory contains a large number of anatomical models which are made available for student use.

| Back | Upper Limb | Head and Neck | Thorax | Abdomen | Pelvis and Perineum | Lower Limb |

Introduction to the course; integument; muscles of the back

Introduction to the nervous system; peripheral nervous system

Vertebral column, spinal cord and meninges

Thoracic wall, pectoral muscles, shoulder joint

Superficial features of the upper limb; scapular and deltoid regions


Brachial and anterior cubital regions; elbow joint

Introduction to Radiographic Anatomy

Flexor region of forearm; wrist joint

Introduction to the Autonomic Nervous System

Palm of hand, joints of hand and digits

Extensor region of forearm and dorsum of hand (mini lecture)

Physical Exam of the Upper Limb

Upper limb clinical correlations: nerve injuries, trauma, factures

Radiographic anatomy of the upper limb

Intro to head and neck; front of skull and face

Scalp, interior of skull, brain removal, cranial meninges

Orbit and contents

Posterior triangle of the neck; muscular triangle of the neck

Carotid, submandibular and submental triangles of the neck; cervical fascia

Root of neck, parotid region

Temporal and masseteric regions; Infratemporal fossa

Clinical aspects of head and neck anatomy

Head removal; Prevertebral and lateral vertebral regions; pharynx; nasal cavity

Sphenopalatine foramen, pterygopalatine fossa; tonsils and pharyngeal wall

Mouth and tongue

Larynx and middle ear

Radiographic anatomy of the head and neck

Summary of head and neck; review of cranial nerves

Clinical correlations of the head and neck

Introduction to the respiratory system; intercostal muscles; pleura, pleural cavity

Lungs, introduction to the mediastinum

Middle mediastinum and heart

Heart (continued)

Posterior and superior mediastina: Autonomics of the thorax

Anterior abdominal wall and inguinal canal

Radiographic anatomy of the thorax

Abdominopelvic cavity; peritoneum; stomach, spleen

Liver, bile passages, celiac trunk, portal vein

Mesenteric vessels; GI tract removal; duodenum, pancreas, intestines

Interior of organs, Review of portal system; Posterior abdominal viscera

Radiographic anatomy of the abdomen

Posterior abdominal wall

Autonomics and lymphatics of the abdomen

Clinical aspects of thoracic gross anatomy

Thorax and abdomen clinical correlations

Introduction to pelvis-perineum; Boney pelvis

Perineum: Boundaries and landmarks; Anal region

Urogenital region - male and female

Internal genitalia - male and female

Blood supply of pelvis; Rectum and anal canal

Muscles of the pelvic wall; Nerves and lymphatics of the pelvis

Radiographic anatomy of the pelvis and perineum

Introduction to the lower limb; anterior and medial thigh

Gluteal region; hip joint

Back of thigh and popliteal fossa; vessels and nerves of the thigh; knee

Leg and dorsum of foot; ankle joint

Sole of foot; joints of the foot and digits

Radiographic anatomy of the lower limb

Orthopaedic problems of the hip and pelvis, Physical exam of the hip

Orthopaedic problems of the knee and foot, Physical exam of the knee and foot

| Back | Upper Limb | Head and Neck | Thorax | Abdomen | Pelvis and Perineum | Lower Limb |

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