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Fasciae of the Head and Neck - Arranged Alphabetically

Structure Location/Description Notes
fascia, alar anterior lamina of the prevertebral fascia, attaching anteriorly to visceral fascia behind esophagus in the superior thorax alar fascia separates the retropharyngeal space above from the posterior mediastinum below
fascia, buccopharyngeal posterior part of the visceral fascia of the neck buccopharyngeal fascia lies behind the pharynx and esophagus
bulbar sheath fascia that invests the entire eyeball except for the cornea bulbar sheath separates the eyeball from the surrounding orbital structures (fat, etc.); it is fused with the sheath of the optic nerve posteriorly, and it is penetrated by the tendons of the extraocular mm.
fascia, infrahyoid deep fascia covering the infrahyoid muscles infrahyoid fascia is composed of two layers: a superficial layer associated with the sternohyoid and omohyoid mm. and a deep layer associated with the sterhothyroid and thyrohoid mm.
fascia, masseteric fascia surrounding the masseter m. masseteric fascia attaches to the zygomatic arch superiorly and to the mandible inferiorly
fascia, palpebral part of the orbital septum within the eyelid superior and inferior palpebral fasciae can be identified; these are subunits of the orbital septum; the superior palpebral fascia is penetrated by the tendon of the levator palpebrae superioris m.
fascia, parotid fascia surrounding the parotid gland parotid fascia is an extension onto the face of the superficial layer of deep cervical fascia; it is very dense, extends into the parotid gland and is very difficult to dissect
fascia, pharyngobasilar submucosa of the pharynx pharyngobasilar fascia is attached to the base of skull and is best seen above the superior edge of the superior pharyngeal constrictor m.
fascia, pretracheal anterior part of the visceral fascia of the neck pretracheal fascia covers the larynx,/trachea and thyroid gland
fascia, prevertebral deep fascia surrounding vertebral column and associated muscles prevertebral fascia covers the scalene mm. where it is called scalene fascia
fascia, pterygoid fascia that surrounds the pterygoid mm. pterygoid fascia attaches to the pterygoid plates
fascia, scalene part of the prevertebral fascia covering the scalene mm. reinforces the cervical pleura (known there as Sibson's fascia) and extends out onto the ventral primary rami of spinal nn. C5-T1 as the axillary fascia
fascia, superficial layer of deep cervical deep fascia investing all of the deep neck structures superficial layer of deep cervical fascia extends between the trapezius m. and sternocleidomastoid m.. in the posterior cervical triangle and between the paired sternocleidomastoid mm. in the anterior cervical triangle
fascia, temporal a strong aponeurotic sheet of fascia that covers the superficial surface of the temporalis m. temporal fascia is an origin for the temporalis m.; it attaches to the bones of the skull superiorly and to the zygomatic arch inferiorly
fascia, visceral deep fascia enclosing the visceral structures of the neck (thyroid gland, larynx, trachea, esophagus) the anterior part is also known as pretracheal fascia; the posterior part also known as buccopharyngeal fascia
orbital septum a plane of connective tissue that separates the superficial part of the eyelid from the orbit orbital septum attaches to the periosteum at the margins of the orbit; orbital septum and tarsal plate form a complete layer posterior to the orbicularis oculi m. that prevents blood and fluids from passing superficially or deeply across the eyelid; blunt trauma to the forehead and scalp may result in blood pooling in the superficial part of the eyelid because of this septum
periorbita fascia that lines the orbit periorbita is the periosteum of the orbit; it is loosely attached to the bones of the orbit and is easily dissected from them

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