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Fasciae of the Back Region - Arranged Alphabetically

Structure Location/Description Notes
fascia, infraspinatus deep fascia covering the superficial surface of the infraspinatus m. infraspinatus fascia attaches to the spine of the scapula and the posterior surface of the scapula at the margins of the infraspinatus fossa; it is a strong origin for the infraspinatus m.
fascia, nuchal deep fascia covering the muscles of the posterior neck nuchal fascia is part of the prevertebral layer of deep cervical fascia
fascia, thoracolumbar deep fascia surrounding the erector spinae muscle mass thoracolumbar fascia in lumbar regions serves as an origin for the latissimus dorsi m.

Some of the material presented in these tables is contained in the book:
MedCharts Anatomy by Thomas R. Gest and Jaye Schlesinger
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